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Making the Exceptional Work Experience a Reality: Social, Cloud, Upgrade Best Practices
Speakers: Carlos Casas Track: I Don't Know Where This Fits
This session takes from our best practices session from Lotusphere 2011 and updates the audience on the latest scenarios for moving to Lotus Software based on analyst data.  Additionally, we take a look at the hybrid model of LotusLive and discuss the key scenarios with real client experiences that outline the framework for a successful deployment of LotusLive Notes. Finally, we conclude our session by connecting the dots from on-premise collaboration, LotusLive cloud-messaging, and now Social Business. We will focus on key points for Lotus enthusiasts in what these components mean for social business and how they can apply social business principles to on-premise upgrades, SaaS collaboration, and the engagement model for social technology.  Speakers are Carlos Casas of RockTeam and Ted Brufke, IBM's SaaS leader for North America.


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