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Discussing a Mobile Strategy for Lotus Notes/Domino
Speakers: Richard Sharpe Track: I Don't Know Where This Fits
Join a lively discussion of considerations when mobilizing Notes applications throughout the organization. There will be three main areas of focus:

        Mobile Device Management (MDM) â both corporate and personal
Out-of-the-box general applications

        Developing existing, business-specific Notes applications for mobile use

We will discuss the primary issues to consider when looking for an MDM solution, including benefits and shortcomings of Lotus Traveler, and what to do in mixed environments (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.).

For developing your Notes applications; we'll talk about application functionality vs. look and feel; client apps vs. Web enabled apps; writing new apps vs. extending existing ones; and more. This will be an interactive session, so your questions and comments will be encouraged!

You will come away from the session with a good understanding of what is involved in building a mobilization strategy that will work for your organization.

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