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Be a Domino Detective: Hunting the Gremlins
Speakers: Kim Greene David Hablewitz Track: Administration & Infrastructure
Gremlins. Every environment has them. Some suck the performance from your servers. Some wait for the worst possible moment to sabotage the system. Still others silently create gaping holes in security. Learn from the experts how to be a Gremlin Hunter. See how to use the database catalog to find risks in ACLs. Use Cluster Analysis to find potential problems before you lose access to data. Create a custom view in the Fault Reports database that can make you a hero. Find out what to look for in your Domino directory that can slow server reboots and stop mail from routing and make troubleshooting it a nightmare. Discover how to take abstract symptoms like "Notes is slow" or "transactions are timing out" and break it down into a resolvable problem. See the methodology and tricks involved to find the true culprit zapping your servers of performance by using tools such as NSDs, semaphore debug, memory dumps, call stack analysis, and server monitoring. Learn how to put activity logging and trends to work for you to find the hot databases on your servers and how obsolete tuning parameters can inhibit your servers from using all resources.
This session will be packed with tips you won't want to miss. You’ll learn how to unravel the mystery of how to debug performance issues and free up resources from buried contention and will also take away a thorough checklist of items to inspect, along with how to document, prioritize and address them.

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