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10 tips to make you an admin star ( while reducing your workload)

We are happy to have Eileen Fitzgerald presenting the above session at IamLUG 2010.  If for some reason you are still on the fence of taking some of the very last slots, go register today for both IamLUG on August 2-3 2010 and stay the extra day to attend TackItOn.

Join Eileen as she covers:
Learn 10 tips that will reduce your workload, improve the quality of your work and amaze management with your skills and productivity. From years of experience of being , managing and working with global customers Eileen shall identify:

Tasks that can be and should be automated but never are
Tasks that can be and should be delegated but never are
Improving working relations with developers, remove upgrade issues
Trouble shooting ( incident and problem management tips ) to reduce resolution time for incidents
Reduce call out's , get your personal life back
Communication tips with end users. YES we actively encourage communicating with them ...
Make your vendors work for you

 July 6 2010 09:36:01 AM       by IamLUG Information

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