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GSX Day Agenda

GSX is holding their first annual GSX Day in the US.  They normally have this in Europe and this is exciting news from them to have it in the US in partnership with IamLUG.  We encourage you to take advantage of this FREE day.

Full online information and registration can be found here  http://bit.ly/BvaCH


TUESDAY August 4th:
GSX Dinner:
Location to be announced
This diner will be a perfect networking event and an opportunity for attendees to meet our keynote speakers. This event is open to registered attendees to the GSX Day only.

WEDNESDAY August 5th

7:30 - 8:10
: Breakfast and registration

8:10 - 8:30
Welcome Session by GSX CEO, Antoine Leboyer
- presentation of the agenda for the day
- presentation of the keynote speakers
- latest news about GSX

8:30 - 9:15:

Keynote Speaker
: Chris Miller
Session Title
: The business criticality of monitoring to ensure the availability of your collaboration platforms
Session Abstract
: Learn first hand from Chris Miller the importance of maintaining the availability of your collaboration platforms and how GSX can help accomplish just that.

9:15 - 10:00:

Keynote Speaker
: Paul Steel, Manager, Technical Services - Global Sales, RIM
Session Title
: Key Business Trends with your BES environment: learn the importance of monitoring and maintaining your key mobile messaging platform
Session Abstract
: "Get an overview of how Blackberry / RIM has become a key enabler and business driver in today's turbulent business environment. Paul Steel will be presenting current business critical usage trends with examples and forecasting on where blackberry services will become more and more critical in business growth and success, enabling you to forecast, justify and ensure sufficient availability for what is rapidly becoming THE critical business application."

10:00 - 10:15

10:15 - 11:00:

Keynote Speaker
: Paul Mooney, Senior architect at Bluewave Group, in Dublin.
Session Title
: "Prevention beats the cure"
Session Abstract
: Paul Mooney has for many years presented at various events around the world.  One of his (and his co-presenter Bill Buchan) more infamous presentations is "worst practices"; a collection of various true horror stories that would give any administrator, developer or IS manager sleepless nights and has had a serious negative impact on the business.
In this session Paul will run you through how and why even simple basic monitoring would of prevented some of his best (or worst) case studies.

11:00 - Noon:

Keynote Speaker
: Eileen Fitzgerald, VP Product Management and Customer Delivery for GSX
Session Title
: GSX and your ITIL Requirements
Session Abstract
: Learn how the different GSX Products (Monitor, Analyzer, Server Guard and ID Manager) align with the ITIL framework to help you deliver IT as an efficient and cost effective service

Noon - 1:30:

1:30 - 2:15:

Keynote Speaker
: Mary Beth Raven, Lead Product Designer for Lotus Notes at IBM
Session Title
: "It's the Server, Stupid!"
Session Abstract
: Business end users see the client user interface-- never the server, so almost all problems they encounter are blamed on the client.  In this talk,
Mary Beth will address several of the top issues that people blame on the client that are really issues with the server. You will be given tips for detecting these server issues in such a way that your help desk (service desk) personnel can quickly diagnose them and either assist in addressing the server issue or appropriately blame server administrators and/or company policy.  Topics covered  will be divided into the following categories:
TIME, SIZE, VERSIONS, and OTHER. She'll cover issues from search taking a long time, Mail quotas,  free/busy time lookup, Message recall,  ghosted meetings,  subscriptions and more.

2:15 - 2:30

2:30 - 3:15:

Keynote Speaker
: Major Bank Executive (to be announced soon)
Session Title
: Client Testimonial
Session Abstract
: Learn directly from the manager of a Major international bank 10 real life examples of how they used GSX solutions to solve critical IT problems improve their Return on Investment and lower their TCO.

3:15 - 5:00
Keynote Speakers
: Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX, and Eileen Fitzgerald, VP of Product Management and Customer Delivery
Session Title
: GSX: your monitoring and reporting tool kit
Session Abstract
: Learn how GSX provides solutions for all your monitoring and reporting needs. Meet our experts and talk abut GSX latest new features, discuss our product Roadmap, etc

5:00 - 6:00
Q&A Session

This is your opportunity to pick the brains of our speakers and to network among our attendees.
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