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IamLUG and uStream partner up

IamLUG broadcasts the keynote address live on uStream each year.  This year Doug Cox, Vice President, Development and Support for Lotus Software and WebSphere Portal , will be delivering the keynote address.  His keynote will be available in the main stream for IamLUG, as usual.  With uStream, we will also be able to deliver the keynote to the iPhone through the uStream iPhone viewer.

We are looking to schedule other key sessions to stream as well.  The event listing in the IamLUG channel on uStream will be updated to reflect those showings.  With so much content going on at once, it is not possible to stream them all, we are sorry.

Too see the Kevin Cavanaugh address from IamLUG 2009 you may watch it here on uStream
 July 21 2010 10:07:22 AM       by IamLUG Information

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