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Location, Location, Location - how Domino Developers can take advantage

Julian Robichax, of SNAPPS, will grace us with his amazing  feats of development once again at IamLUG.  This time Julian will take you on a different path of exploring location services and Lotus integration:
Find your users by location -- on the client, on the web, or on the phone. Do lookups based on GPS, IP address, and even WiFi hotspot. Map it, track it, put it on a graph. Interact with other location-based services to let people know what's going on around them. And how the heck does Google always know where I am, anyway?

We know where you will be, at IamLUG.  At least Julian has told us you are registering and know where you are if you don't.

Also do not forget to join Julian for TackItOn, taking place Wednesday Aug 4 immediately following IamLUG, as he has a full day event covering iPhone/iPad/iPod application development.
 July 20 2010 01:29:00 PM       by IamLUG Information

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