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Not Too Much, Not Too Little, Just Right! Give Your Users Applications That Fit Their Jobs

We are happy to welcome back Rob Novak and Viktor Krantz, of Snapps, with a great NEW session for IamLUG:
Notes and Domino applications are all too often constructed with every bell and whistle imaginable -- both because they are there for us to use, and to show off our development prowess. In this session, we'll bring role-appropriate minimalism to the table by introducing one application that fits the way several people work. With more than twelve demos illustrating the programming and development concepts, this session is guaranteed to give you great ideas about how to make your Notes and Domino applications shine! If you follow our advice, your applications will start to work for your users at just the right level of complexity - instead of the other way around!

You might think we are joking that there is a only a few seats left for an amazing free event known as IamLUG.  Trust me, you don't want to wait longer and get put on the waitlist.

Rob and Viktor will also stay arund and have sessions at TackItOn immediately following IamLUG.
 July 26 2010 09:21:00 AM       by IamLUG Information

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