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Learn 10 tips that will reduce your workload, improve the quality of your work and amaze management with your skills and productivity. From years of experience of being , managing and working with global customers Eileen shall identify: Tasks that can be and should be automated but never are Tasks that can be and should be delegated but never are Improving working relations with developers, remove upgrade issues Trouble shooting ( incident and problem management tips ) to reduce resolution time for incidents Reduce call out's , get your personal life back Communication tips with end users. YES we actively encourage communicating with them ... Make your vendors work for you
Are you a developer who has only worked with a Domino server already in place? Would you like to learn how to start from scratch and make sure you still end up secure? This session will teach developers who have no prior admin experience get a Domino server up and running. In one hour, learn to create your own development playground by walking through a complete install and basic configuration of a Domino server. You’ll use the Administrator client to create user IDs, and configure and secure Domino as both an SMTP and web server. Learn how to set up your firewall or router to access your server from the Internet. Finally, keep your server running smoothly by providing regular maintenance!
Please visit our sponsor area to support those that made it possible for this event. You will also find refreshments and snacks located in the sponsor room. Coffee will be served all day!
Join us for an amazing breakfast and registration each day in the atrium of the hotel. You will need to have your delegate badge to attend breakfast! Networking with other attendees strongly encouraged.
Come to this session to understand your options of client management with native as well as non-native tools. Follow along the life cycle of a Notes client, ranging from initial setup to decommissioning while learning about ways to make your job easier. Find out more about how to inventory your environment and lock down an optimal configuration to reduce support calls and ensure a consistent user experience across your enterprise. Find out what native and 3rd-party tools are available to help you accomplish it all.
Stay right in your seats as we run through a few closing thoughts, pictures and whatever else we make up. We promise, no more than 20 minutes and we are all done to go explore St Louis some more. Then prepare yourself to stay the extra day for TackItOn 
At Lotusphere 2010, IBM launched the Collaboration Agenda, a new go to market strategy. The Collaboration Agenda is about realizing measurable business value from improving the way people interact. This session will help you apply the Collaboration Agenda to your business, be it business partner or customer. First, we will introduce to you the industry focused model and review how it applies to your projects or customers. Second, a practical mapping of how the IBM Lotus technologies fit into Collaboration Agenda via repeatable solutions and success stories will enable your implementations and/or sales. Last, we will review how the competitors (Microsoft, Google, and other Web 2.0 technologies) would map in a competitive situation – giving you the information and tools to compete with your competitors (for partners) or respond to potential system replacements (customers). 2010 is going to be a year full of challenges and competitors – leave this session prepared to win!
What's so great about running Domino in the cloud? How will my apps perform and what should I watch out for? How do I pick between Amazon, IBM, or somebody else's Cloud? We'll answer these questions, and a ton more, with this deep-dive session on running Domino in the cloud and show you first-hand how to leverage the images that are now freely available to Lotus developers.
Ever wish you had a list of all the top mistakes to avoid when developing for Domino? What about all the tips you need to know to create successful applications? Join Tom and Kathy as they show what EVERY Domino developer needs to know. They’ll explain what you need to know and why you need to know it. They’ll also share how they learned some of these tips the hard way, so you don’t have to!
Please join in as the delegates, sponsors and speakers all get together for some spirits, light appetizers, music and networking before heading out to explore Laclede's Landing for dining and fun. A round of speed sponsoring will take place giving each sponsor 5 minutes to rapid fire their best elevator pitch as you rotate around the room in a faced paced and exciting exchange of information. Then relax to meet fellow developers, administrators, managers and experts in an informal and lively event. Areas will be set for networking for individual topics, or mingle and meet all your fellow delegates!
Speakers: Michael Masterson Track: Development
Heard about Lotus but not quite sure how to get started integrating into our collaborative software ? Want to rapidly integrate an existing application and create a "dashboard" view of it in the sidebar? This session will put you on the fast track for plug-in and composite development development and with skills and tools to get up and running. We'll explore how partners are building their plugins and how your can leverage open source assets to jumpstart your development.
Speakers: Sean Burgess Track: Development
Do your web applications look tired and worn out? Have no time or budget to become proficient at being a graphics guru? Tired of the other Web 2.0 apps kicking sand in your app's face at recess because your's still wear 90s fashions? Don't despair because the jQuery Miracle Cream is here! With jQuery, you will make AJAX something more than a 4 letter word, easily turn ugly forms into beauty queens, make validation as easy as 1-2-3, and even make you proud to show off your calendar views. As an added bonus, we'll throw in tabs, slideshows, date pickers, and data grids. Rating systems will be given to all attendees!
In this session we're going to take a close look at Sametime 8.5 - you've heard about it but do you need it and if you do how do you deploy it? We'll start right in and take a look at the new Meeting Center and Proxy Server in detail and then look at each of the server components talking about what each one does and how they link together. Finally I'll show you some infrastructure options and some limitations of the current 8.5 release you really need to know about. . This session is going to move fast and cover a lot of ground but hopefully by the time we're done you'll have a lot better idea of what you need and how you're going to get there.
Technology development has accelerated; society and economic environments are disrupted. Our business environment has been turbulent, yet Lotus Knows that these challenges result in opportunities. Join Doug Cox, VP, IBM Lotus Software Development and Support, for an overview of the strategy, business, new capabilities and directions of the Lotus products. This overview emphasizes the strategic importance of collaboration to IBM and its business imperative to improve your organization's effectiveness.
Speakers: John Head Track: Development
Welcome to 2010, where Lotus Notes and Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This session will introduce you to integration of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 with Microsoft Office, .NET technologies,, & Lotus Symphony. We'll start with the basics and build up to mail merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentations, and integration on the Web. Advanced topics such as Visual Studio Tools for Office, advanced development with C#, and integration with Lotus Domino Web Services are included. Integration with Xpages, Google Docs, Sharepoint, ODF, OOXML, and Windows Explorer will highlight the options available. Every sample is new or updated, so even past attendees will get something from this session.
Speakers: Julian Robichaux Track: Development
Find your users by location -- on the client, on the web, or on the phone. Do lookups based on GPS, IP address, and even WiFi hotspot. Map it, track it, put it on a graph. Interact with other location-based services to let people know what's going on around them. And how the heck does Google always know where I am, anyway?
What is Lotus doing with Linux today? These are exciting times in the Lotus space and Linux is a key facet of their software strategy. Let's look at all of their products supporting Linux, issues with running in production, and how business solutions using this NOS can create business saves. In this session we will discuss how Lotus is fully embracing Linux as a Domino and Notes platform. With all of the new and enhanced Notes-related products offered, keeping track of what product is available and realistic to run in your firm, can be challenging. And sometimes knowing how to install each Linux-variant product can add additional complexity. Join Bill to cover all of the products and provide some install and usage tips on each, maximizing your experience. We may even have unusually terrific Linux swag to dispense too!
In today's fast paced business world, effective communication and collaboration is critical. Companies need solutions that can drive innovation and top line growth to be successful. Many are looking to the cloud to find those solutions. IBM LotusLive can extend your existing investments, integrating them into cloud solutions including email, collaboration, file sharing, analytics and web conferencing services.Discuss how collaboration, communication, content and communities come together naturally in the cloud. Hear how you can easily begin to transform your business to the cloud regardless of your current environment.
Please join us in the Atrium for lunch each day. We will publish information on the menus in the FAQ section of the website. Please contact for any special diet needs or restrictions. You will need your IamLUG delegate badges to attend lunch.
Speakers: Richard Sharpe Track: Development
This session will begin by looking at current hurdles for getting existing applications mobilized. What currently works, what doesn't work and why. Then, using XPages, we will mobilize an application in 30 minutes and show it running on a Blackberry and iPhone. Finally we will deploy the application on Teamstudio Unplugged, a Notes client for Blackberry showing advantages of using apps stored on the device and less reliance on the data network.
Come meet other Nerd Girls for some lively conversation! Not a Nerd Girl already? We'll share Twitter IDs, Skype names, and introduce you to our Linked In group and Twitter list.
Notes and Domino applications are all too often constructed with every bell and whistle imaginable -- both because they are there for us to use, and to show off our development prowess. In this session, we'll bring role-appropriate minimalism to the table by introducing one application that fits the way several people work. With more than twelve demos illustrating the programming and development concepts, this session is guaranteed to give you great ideas about how to make your Notes and Domino applications shine! If you follow our advice, your applications will start to work for your users at just the right level of complexity - instead of the other way around!
Plans for ND 8.5.2, LotusLive, and a Project "Vulcan" update
You’ve heard buzzwords like single-sign on, single userid, or authentication management, but also heard that they were a nightmare to implement. Or perhaps you always wanted to use another directory - like Active Directory for your Sametime, Web, IMAP or Traveler password authentication but thought it required a 3rd party tool or something installed on the Domino server? In this session we'll show you how to configure your Domino server to authenticate with either the HTTP Password or the LDAP directory password without a server reboot! We'll extend that idea to demonstrate how with a little bit of magic and a sprinkling of Tivoli Directory Integrator you can get closer to that simple single userid or directory system you’ve always wanted.
Prevent, identify, and fix the most common performance problems in Domino applications! This updated and fast-moving session covers over 50 Notes and Web performance tips including formulas, LotusScript, agents, views, forms, images, DB properties, security, CSS, JavaScript, GZip, caching, and server settings every developer should know. Learn how to trace slow performance in existing applications, including an open source tool to reveal what Notes is waiting for when you see the yellow lightning symbol. Emphasis is placed on balancing performance, maintainability and functionality.
Domino is full of ways to help you identify potential problems and possible pitfalls. Find out why these early reporting tools like DDM, server analysis tools like DCT, and a healthy dose of pro-active management and calm planning can help you get control of your servers and return them to full health.
Please visit our sponsors to learn about all the exciting tools and technologies they offer. Refreshments will be served in this area as well throughout the day.
Join our sponsors during the last half of lunch as they give live 30 minute sessions all about their products. Please visit them to learn in depth information and demonstrations while asking any questions you have to make informed decisions. Monday - IBM and FewCLix Tues - Extracomm, GSX and Panagenda
Speakers: Matt White Track: Development
There are certain functions that appear in all of your Notes and Domino applications that you'll want to implement in your new XPages projects, in this session we'll walk through how to implement them, and then at the end of the session you can take away the code and use it when you get back to the office next week. The examples we'll look at include how to implement a Dialog box, link together combo boxes, allow people to login quickly, post an AJAX request and more. Using these examples we'll go for a quick, but deep dive into how XPages work in the real world.
Are you ready to throw off the shackles of legacy code? Longing to realize the dreams of The Enlightenment? Tired of hearing "let them eat Sharepoint?" Then storm the Bastille with us and join the Xpages Revolution. We'll open your eyes to a new way of thinking about collaborative applications, showing how to push the boundaries of this exciting new development approach and build solutions you never would have thought possible. New scalability techniques, greater code flexibility, and entirely new interface modes make Xpages the most exciting opportunity in Notes and Domino since replication. We'll show you how to use the new Xpages Extensibility API to achieve outcomes that stretch your imagination.
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