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Terry Ackerman is currently a Manager of Sales Operations with Olympus America, Inc. Terry is continually focused on improving business efficiency and effectiveness through the development and implementation of business process and systems across the Western Hemisphere. He has successfully launched projects in mobility, and sales efficiency in a cross-functional environment. Most recently Terry launched over 1200 I-Pads to the sales force encompassing mobile marketing collateral management, CRM, and on-line quoting functionality. Terry’s career has spanned industries from printing/publishing, construction through pharmaceuticals and medical device sales. Through his breadth of experience, Terry has developed a fervor for managing people, processes and systems to develop business efficiencies across various business models.
Chris is a Senior Offerings Manager for IBM SmartCloud Notes within the IBM Software Group. In his current role, Chris focuses on working with customers to understand requirements, which are then constructed into innovative offerings that meet customers’ needs. Chris is also responsible for anticipating and resolving technical situations that may arise during market execution and customer implementation. He has been with with IBM for over 17 years in software development project and product management positions.
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John Beck is the Global Sales Leader for Notes Domino. For his role immediately prior, John was the Sales Leader for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business in the US West and Canada regions. Over the course of his 18 years at IBM, John has also led the release management team for the Notes & Domino development organization, built and managed a worldwide customer advocacy organization focused on client success and spent time supporting the business partner community in both go to market and technical capacities. John started his career at Lotus/IBM in 1995 as a customer support specialist hired for his knowledge of Macintosh desktops and AppleTalk networks. An avid cyclist and runner, John spends the bulk of his free time outdoors with his family and two dogs. John graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. John, his wife, Gretchen and his three children David, Lydia and Annika reside in Hudson, Wisconsin, USA. | LinkedIn | kirk_bowman
A co-founder of Zipline and a lawyer turned entrepreneur, Kirk has embraced the areas of technology and healthcare. Educated at Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business and The Baylor School of Law, he began his career as a lawyer in 1991. In 1998, Kirk founded a uniquely-branded physical therapy clinic. The company was profitable within the first year, debt-free within 3 years and is still growing today with locations in multiple southwest Missouri cities. In 2001, he simultaneously started a health care joint-venture company that built 23 medical clinics in 13 States, spanning 3 time zones. In the past several years, Kirk turned to technology and co-founded Zipline, a social payment application that is growing at rocket-ship speed. | LinkedIn | runningkathy
Kathy Brown is a Developer, Runner, Blogger, Mom, Twitter addict, Geek, and Loud Laugher. She is a Consultant with PSC Group, LLC.  Kathy lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and has worked with Lotus Notes since 1995.  She is speaks at events such as Lotusphere, The View Developer conference, and numerous user group conferences around the world.  She also writes for various industry publications, including The View publication Developer Tips Newsletter (as co-editor).  Kathy blogs about Lotus Notes (and other things) at her website She is a twitter addict (15 accounts and counting) and she is proud to be a Nerd Girl! | ptcalhoun
I have been working with Lotus/IBM technologies for the past 25 years. I have been certified in both Administration and Development on every major release of Notes/Domino since release 3. My focus has always been on training and enablement of Administrators and Developers, but I also provide mentoring and consulting services. Most recently I have been focused on XPages consulting, training and enablement.

When not working, my passion is spending all my spare time with my awesomely wonderful grand-kids. | Facebook | LinkedIn | Skype | curiousmitch
Mitch Cohen is Manager Messaging & Collaboration for Colgate-Palmolive. He has 10+ years experience with global implementations of Notes/Domino, Sametime, Quickr and Lotus Connections.

Mitch holds the record for most slides ever presented at a Lotusphere session with a 400 slide presentation delivered at LS09.

Mitch is the co-founder of the Tri State Lotus User Group | LinkedIn | Skype | geldred
Gregg has been working with Notes and Domino since Notes 3. Prior to that, he was a cc:Mail Administrator. Gregg co-founded with Richard Moy the MWLUG conference.He is an active blogger, commenting on Lotus Notes and Domino as well as other topics, including reviewing of books he has read. While he focuses on Lotus Domino Administration, he also administers, installs, and upgrades Lotus Sametime, Lotus Foundations, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and Lotus Traveler. A Lotus Certified Professional in Administration, he holds a BA from Muskingum College and an MBA from Cleveland State University.
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Kim Greene is president of Kim Greene Consulting, Inc. specializing in Domino for IBM i and Windows consulting. Kim has over 17 years of experience with Domino and 26 years of experience with the AS/400, iSeries, and IBM i platforms. Kim specializes in Domino performance analysis and application tuning, debugging and problem determination, administration, migrations, upgrades, enterprise integration, and custom Domino development. She implements high availability environments, performs health checks and security reviews of Domino implementations, and works with customers to ensure their environments are performing optimally and are running as smoothly as possible. | Facebook | LinkedIn | Skype | lguiriga
Luis Guirigay is a senior IT architect highly skilled on administration, high availability/disaster recovery, performance tuning, and support. He has been focused on Messaging, Portal, Social and Collaboration platforms and has been working with IBM products for more than 14 years. Luis is an IBM Certified Administrator for virtually all versions of IBM Connections, WebSphere Portal, Domino, Sametime, and Quickr as well as an IBM Certified Developer in Domino and IBM Lotus Workflow. He also has deep experience with WebSphere Application Server, DB2, Tivoli, and ILWWCM. Luis has published multiple IBM Redbooks related to Domino, Workplace, DB2, and System i, and his speaking engagements include IamLug and Midwest Lotus User Group conferences, Lotusphere, Chicago Lotus User Group, and multiple IBM PoT and IBM workshops in the United States. | LinkedIn | davehabz
David has been working with Lotus Notes since Version 3.1 was released in 1994. He has a B.S. degree in Computer Science; multiple certifications in both Notes Application Development and System Administration; and is a PMI certified Project Management Professional.
Branded as "The Notes Guy in Seattle" for both his outspoken evangelism of IBM Lotus software in the front yard of Microsoft headquarters for the past 13 years and his interest in playing the fiddle. But his experience goes well beyond that of the IBM brand. He has also worked for Microsoft in the Office 365 division building and supporting their cloud solution.

David is a Principal of Divergent Solutions LLC, the sole IBM business partner and reseller of IBM Collaboration Solutions and SmartCloud for Social Business headquartered in the Pacific Northwest where they are expanding the number of companies who value the best solutions over the best hype.
Janet has been working with and attempting to influence the use of Web Portals for consumer and employee experience for over a decade. She has been involved with the deployment of many large and small consumer web sites including midwestern sites: 3M, State Farm, Caterpillar, Sprint and many more. She has seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to websites! The good news is that there is always room for change. How you manage change is the critical ingredient for success! Janet will be discussing how Domino and Notes intersect with web, and lessons learned from excellent website deployments. | LinkedIn | ArifMJaffer
With over thirteen years of experience supporting, training and selling IBM software, Arif Jaffer leads the DOCOVA Sales effort for A veteran sales person who enjoys focusing on new business, he is the ideal person to meet with customers to clearly articulate why DOCOVA is the right solution for their Enterprise Document Management needs.

In his personal time, Arif enjoys being a husband and father of four young children. He holds an honors degree in Management, a minor in Political Science, a diploma in Adult Education, Certificates in Technology and Finance. He enjoys reading, following the NBA and Political satire. You can follow Arif’s thoughts at twitter handle, @arifMjaffer.
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Viktor works with competitive analysis and is the coordinator for all Domino Doublecheck engagements world-wide. He is also an XPages evangelist and work with customers on Domino and XPages strategy. He has been a speaker at over 30 conferences over the past 13 years. | Facebook | LinkedIn | Skype | danlieber
Daniel Lieber has worked with IBM Collaboration Solutions technologies for over 20 years. He regularly shares his passion for process improvement utilizing technology at conferences, through white papers, and social media. As President of Innovative Ideas (IIUI), he leads the company's strategic direction into various market sectors and helps smart clients become even more productive. He is recognized as a significant influencer for the ICS and ECM (FileNet) brands within IBM and is an IBM Champion. His other activities include extensive non-profit and education board leadership and spending quality time camping with his family in the woods where 3G signals still keep him connected to the world. | LinkedIn | Clevershutter
Product Manager, Unified Communications and Collaboration at IBM. Responsible for driving product strategy and requirements for the core services of the IBM Sametime platform. Regular contributor to the Sametime Blog | LinkedIn | RussellMaher
President, QDiligence and RGM Consulting

Russell Maher is a 2013 IBM Champion and IBM Connect speaker who has been developing Notes/Domino solutions and delivering training since 1993 as an IBM certified Application Developer, System Administrator, and Instructor. An award-winning instructor and part of the team that delivered the View XPages/Advanced XPages Bootcamps, Russell has helped many others learn XPages. These days Russell works full time at QDiligence providing a hosted XPage solution that helps companies meet SEC requirements. Russell lives near Chicago and blogs at | Facebook | LinkedIn | Skype | JeraldMahurin
Jerald Mahurin is a senior consultant and Vice President of Development at Strategic Net Applications, Inc (SNAPPS) for the past 10 years. He brings 19 years of experience as a principal consultant with collaboration and content management technologies, designing and implementing systems for clients. He is a speaker, experienced Lotus trainer and documentation systems expert.

He has implemented and integrated IBM and non-IBM products to provide solutions for clients. He first began working with IBM Lotus Notes starting with version 3.0. Jerald has worked with Linux systems for the past 10 years including open source projects such as Apache, Drupal, Subversion and networking.

Jerald has enjoyed presenting on collaboration technologies at industry events such as IBM Connect/Lotusphere, user groups and Collaboration University. | LinkedIn | Skype | BillMalchisky
Bill Malchisky Jr. is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions 2013, bringing 20 years of global Lotus consulting experience in regulated verticals along with business prowess to his sessions. He has presented at over 20 ICS/Lotus focused conferences, including Lotusphere. Previously, Bill has been published in THE VIEW journal, CLiPpings, co-authored two IBM Redbooks on Linux, plus worked with Lotus Education to re-vamp the Domino 8.5 Admin certification exam track. A thirteen year loyal business and design partner, he provides services to Fortune 1000 firms, SMB, and governments. Finally, he maintains a Lotus and Linux focused blog at { Link } | LinkedIn | BenMenesi
Ben Menesi is Chief Product Officer at Ytria overseeing its R&D activities, leading workshops on administration and development best practices and delivering technical sessions at conferences like IBM Connect, the MWLUG, NLLUG, BLUG and other ICS events around the globe. Before joining the Ytria team in early 2011, Ben Menesi acquired considerable expertise in both development and administration through his work as a Systems Engineer, first for EDS and then for HP’s Messaging & Collaboration Services department. While at EDS / HP, Ben dealt with a large variety of tasks from end user support and notes administration to development for various enterprise clients. | wesmorgan1
Wes is a long-time IBMer (16 years) who's done a little bit of everything. He was part of the original Sametime Development team, but has done everything from punched cards, DCL coding and OS tuning to virtualization, shell scripting and microcode debugging. He's currently part of the worldwide SWAT team for IBM Collaboration Solutions, which means he sees the weirdest problems EVER on a daily basis. Wes is a total music geek, and has been described as a "Swiss Army Nerd," so talk to him about anything! When not wrapped up in network packet captures or Websphere PMI statistics, he tries to keep up with his wife, 4 kids, a cat and a dog. | Facebook | LinkedIn | Skype | IBMRockStar
Rob is President of SNAPPS, an IBM Business Partner specializing in high-end consulting, development and productivity products. With 20 years in the Lotus community going back to Compuserve Lotus Comms forums and Notes 3, Rob has spoken at a few hundred venues - LUGs, Lotusphere, Collaboration University, WebSphere Portal conferences and more.

You can reach him at or on Twitter @IBMRockStar for questions or advice on development for Domino, Quickr, Connections, Portal and Sametime. | Facebook | LinkedIn | Skype | FirefighterGeek
Andrew Pollack is a consultant, inventor, and firefighter. To earn a living, he helps clients get the most out of technology. For fun - and to serve his community - he drives the big red truck and runs into burning buildings as the Lieutenant for Engine 1 on the Cumberland Fire Department.  Andrew has more than 20 years experience as a developer and administrator in the Notes & Domino world, has run global corporate partner portals using IBM Lotus Domino servers, and has written custom single sign on solutions that include a custom SAML implementation for Domino. | Skype | troyreimer
Troy Reimer is a Senior Consultant with PSC Group, LLC. He has been working with Lotus Notes since before it even supported web development. Since that time, he's traded writing ping-pong @Formula agents for Dojo and AJAX to develop collaboration solutions using the best of IBM Lotus products. Currently Troy is developing XPages applications including one of the world's largest XPages implementations. He has been privileged to be a speaker at nine Lotuspheres in addition to other user group conferences. He is also the proud papa of a set of LotusScript JSON classes on OpenNTF. | LinkedIn | inter_vivos
Louis has the extreme pleasure of serving as a Social Business Evangelist and Storyteller. In this role, he has the opportunity to travel the globe and meet with business people, like yourself, and share his experiences and customer stories regarding the use of social business to address everyday work pains…pains such as 'information overload', 'too many meetings', 'not enough time' and the dreaded 'email inbox'. He would love to hear your story. | jrobichaux
Julian Robichaux is a senior software engineer at Panagenda. His Lotus Notes–centric Web site ( has been offering tips and tools for Lotus Notes and Domino developers since 2002. Julian also co-hosts the TakingNotes podcast with Bruce Elgort, publishes open-source applications on the OpenNTF Web site, has written articles for IBM developerWorks, and has given many presentations at Lotusphere, VIEW conferences, and user group meetings in several countries. | mobileappsrule
Rich Sharpe is a Technical Director at Teamstudio. Prior to this Rich has worked for IBM and IBM Business Partners in various development, consulting and management roles. Rich has been focusing on educating Lotus Notes development teams, administrators and managers on the benefits of Build Process Management and other technical and project management related concepts that have been successful in other development environments but to date, not widely adopted in the Lotus Notes world. More recently Rich has been focusing on mobilizing Notes applications using XPages and Unplugged, the Teamstudio Notes client for Blackberry. | Facebook | @babsskedel
Barb brings with her over 10 years of mobile device management experience. Starting with BES 2.1, she has extended her knowledge to Lotus Traveler, and most recently, MDM solutions for non-Blackberry devices. She served as the lead architect in Sherwin Williams implementation of a Mobile Device solution and works with users around the globe supporting their mobile access needs. She has served as president of the Northeast Ohio Lotus User Group, and also as a steering committee member for MWLUG.
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