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Building Your First Mobile Notes App Using XPages

Richard Sharpe of Teamstudio will be joining IamLUG 2013 for an awesome mobile development session and a full day TackItOn event.
This session takes a tour of the XPages Mobile Controls, showing how to use and test them on smartphones and tablets by actually mobilizing an existing Notes application during this session. The same application will be mobilized using both JQuery Mobile and a new Mobile XPages Controls Project from OpenNTF.
The pros and cons of each framework are discussed using the single application as example.

Then make sure to stay the extra day, for only $495 USD, and get deep dive training with the Introduction to Developing Mobile Apps with XPages Workshop 
For an increasing number of people going mobile is no longer a luxury, but a critical step in staying competitive. If you haven’t been asked to start developing mobile Notes® apps yet, it’s a pretty safe bet that you will be soon. 

Don’t know where to start? Join Teamstudio for this one day workshop, and through hands-on excercises using XPages, you’ll learn how to deliver a mobile application to your workforce.
You will gain clear understanding for the needs of different types of mobile users and define your mobile strategy for both short and long-term success.

Individual components of the Workshop include:
Understanding the mobile landscape
Using the IBM Mobile Controls Project
Introduction to JQuery Mobile
OpenNTF Mobile Controls
Form and view decomposition
Designing for tablets and smartphones simultaneously
Signature capture
Offline support using Unplugged

To register for IamLUG and the TackItOn event head over to IamLUG.org while seats are still available!
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